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“I had a lady come out and measure my counter tops and her face was all swollen on one side. She had been to the dentist with an infected wisdom tooth. The dentist removed it after 2 1/2 hours working on her. She said, “I hurt so bad I can barely see out of the one eye,” so I brought out my pump bottle of Real Time and had her put some on her check, neck, ear and jaw. She went back to work and after about 10 minutes, I asked her how her face was feeling and she looked up and touched it. Then she said “I forgot about it.” She said only the inside hurt a little stilland you could see that the swelling had gone down. Before she left, she bought three tubes and took 8 Travel packs to her fellow employees that have pain too. Oh, what a good day… and I didn’t even have to leave the house!”
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Listen Up!

I am as serious as a Heart Attack about this because people are having those and Strokes and contracting Cancer and even worse,dying all in an attempt to relieve themselves of physical pain. 

In fact, over a week ago on NBC news, it was reported that every 35 minutes someone was dying of an opiate(Prescription Drug)or Heroin. Every 35 minutes! That’s stupid when there is a better,safer,good smelling, and fast working option available.(And yes, this will be mercenary in content but if I can be helpful in saving ONE life, it will be worth it).

What is that option? It is called Real Time Pain Relief(RTPR) and it has been around since 1998 and during that time, there have been no recorded side-effects due to the use of the product. I can hear you asking,”Well, if the product has been around 16 years,why haven’t I heard about it?” Because like other good things, the news is slow gettting around. But believe me, you WILL be hearing about it. 

RTPR does not want to mask your pain; It wants to help you manage it. RTPR does not cost an arm or a leg to try. And Trying IS believing.  Not only is there relief from “Arthur”, Lupus, Fibromyalgia,MS,RA,Shingles,Toothache, Migraine,Sunburn,Bee and Mosquito stings, there is also relief from foot pain caused by Diabetes and soon a face creme is coming out that promises to help those with facial conditions. 

Wanna help a loved one or perhaps you relieve pain in an economical manner? Try it for yourself or be really nice and help a friend or loved one out. Use promo code 9206



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No Greater Love

What’s more important your body or your soul? Matthew 6:25g says,”Is not the life more than the meat?” And while reading that, the thought came to me that sometimes bad things happen to good people and there does not seem to be a plausible explanation. Now…I don’t profess to have advanced degrees in anything(including Theology) but it just hit me that for those people not grounded in the Faith, it is easy for them to ask when tragedy strikes,” how can you believe in the goodness of God?”  How can you believe in the benevolence of a God that would allow a child to die or a man or woman who were just living life not doing anybody any harm and they are cut off in the prime of thier life?

Believe it or not, the answer is in the verse. “Is not the life more than meat.” As human beings we forget that God is not like us. Scripture says, “For my thoughts are not your thoughts;neither are your ways my ways; As the Heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.” Isaiah 55:8

For us as humans,everything ought to be a square deal. But again, as humans we forget: This world is not as it was intended to be. In the Divine scheme of things, life on Earth was to have been paradise. There was never to have been a violent or early death; There was never to have been pain in Childbirth. Or boys and girls going without food.  There would never have been a good-bye but always “Howdy,howdy”. But…Man messed that up. Because God created us to think for ourselves(and parenthetically I might add:Do you know how much mind-power it took to name EVERY creature on the planet? We get a certain age now and 3 seconds after we put our glasses on our head, we forget that they are there),he gave us the right to choose which path our lives would flow down.
And another thing we as Humans forget: There is a soul attached to this crumbling clay. When God speaks about his ways being higher than our ways, his concern is not with our bodies. His concern is with our souls. That is THE most important part of us. The body will decay and eventually cease to exist. But the soul. The soul should be going to its rightful owner.

And so when Bad things happen to Good people in the sight of God it goes back to,”Is life(the soul)more than meat.” God wants us to be with him. That is why Jesus came. A Holy God could not interact with Sinful Man. The Bridge had to be gapped; The Divide had to be repaired. Here’s the question: In whom are you trusting? To whom do you owe total allegiance? In that same 6th chapter of Matthew Jesus says,”no man can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other; or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Mamom” 6:24 NewInternational Version
Now…let’s look at this again from the perspective of God. Yes, he made you a Free Moral Being. The choice to live or not live for him is totally yours. But…would common sense not dictate that you would choose Good and not Evil? Does it not make sense that the God of the Universe who loved mankind enough to give part of himself in order to redeem man would want us to choose him?

Can you imagine the pain experienced as Holy God allowed his Son to seperate himself in order to give us newness of life? Bad things happen to Good people because God loves us and wants us to be in his will. Sounds like a Oxymoron,huh? I can’t explain it. Like I said earlier I don’t have an advanced degree in anything but the verse just seem to come alive and these are the thoughts that flowed from it. Try as I may, it still comes down to “my thoughts are not your thoughts” and whatever happens in our lives is in an effort to bring us home. As Pastor Winans said at Whitney Houston’s Funeral, it’s a matter of priority. Is Jesus first in YOUR life in all that you say and do? How personal is your relationship with the Christ of Calvary? As has been asked before, if you were on trial for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you? Are you talking to him daily? Are you thanking him for life,health, and a modicum of strength to do what you need to do? Can you feel his presence; Can you feel his love in your life? Did you know that there is No Greater Love

There is no other like Jesus Christ. He loves you. You owed a debt that you could not pay and because he loves you, he paid a debt he did not owe.

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I was wondering

Have you been in the presence of Jesus today? You don’t have to wait until tomorrow or any other prescribed time. All you need is a willing heart to feel Jesus and he will show up.

The question then becomes: Will you allow him to show up in you? Will you,can you acknowledge that he is Lord and allow him his rightful place on the Throne of your Heart? Or,will you stubbornly quinch the feelings that are rising in your heart and soul?

Do you know how much Jesus loves you? In all of recorded literature with its myriad descriptions of how the Earth and its peoples came into existence, I only know of one where a plan was put into motion to bring the fallen Race of Man back into right relationship with its creator. There is not another story of a deity giving up his position where other creatures were giving him Glory and Praise since the beginning of eternity. Not one describes that same deity suffering a death we cannot imagine because he loves us. Parenthetically, we scream like all get out when a hammer hits our finger. Can you imagine a 5″ spike being driven through your flesh and you had done nothing wrong?  All because we had a debt we could not pay and Jesus loved us enough to pay a debt he did not owe. What love!

And even when we give credit for success, when we have been in a dangerous situation(car accident) and when we look back and see just how dangerous the situation was and we call our making it through “luck”; even when we find other things to do on the Day set aside for Worship and Praise, even when we sit down to eat and gobble the food without saying,”much obliged”; even at the end of the day when we hit the sack and do so without saying, “Thank you Jesus” and then the next day we awaken after all night long ambulances,fire-trucks, and police sirens have wailed all night long and yet, where we were no thieves broke in, no fires broke out and we don’t acknowledge that he has kept us, he still allows those Siamese Twins “Grace and Mercy” to come by our bedside and once again touch us with a Finger of Love. Even while you are acting as if God owes you life,health,strength, and good fortune,God is still willing to bless us.

We have done NOTHING to merit God’s Grace; We have done NOTHING to cause the Son of God to give his life for us; We have done NOTHING that causes us to be redeemable and still Jesus willing gave his life for us so that we could act like, live like we want; Worship IF we want to. Ohhhh What a Saviour!

But…The good news in all of this? It is not too late. Right now. Right where you sit or stand, you can ask for forgiveness. You can ask Jesus to be Lord of your Life. The decision is totally yours. “What  is your answer to him?”

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What is “Marriage”

Watching the game between Green Bay and Detroit, I just saw a commerical where a husband was trying to persuade his wife why he should be able to play Gold on Sunday Evenings. She shook her head no and he walked away. What got me to thinking is, “What is a good marriage”?

I know that for the most part that it has fallen out of favor but I am wondering if the concept of marriage is really understood. And of course this is not meant to suggest that I have papers or other qualifications that would allow me to pontificate but I do have a right to an opine. Anyhoo…I am thinking that as I said earlier the concept of marriage is really misunderstood.  While I was on tagged I saw the message that stated women were made to be companions not slaves or anything that takes away from her worth. But the question gets to be, do we really understand that? And not only does it apply to the status of women but men need to be respected as well. And I understand that respect is not given, it is earned. But sometimes even that option is not allowed because women come in with pre-concieved concepts because of past experiences.  The same with men. And sometimes, men have not been taught to give women the honor they deserve. Of course, that does not mean that women should be put on a pedestal that will not allow them to function as women.

So…what is “marriage”? For me, it begins with love. Without that basic there is no hope that something will evolve much like the commercial of the old people in the jewelry commercial as they hold hands passing the young couple inducing them to hold hands as well. That is the given. Second, there must be mutual respect for one another. Third in my opine, there HAS to be a faith-based connection. We need someone outside of ourselves to anchor to. No matter how much eros,philio,storege there is in the relationship, Agape has to top the list.  From that point, the process can begin in building a solid foundation. So…again, “What is marriage”? I think it is the coming of together of two people who have decided to cast their lots together. That no matter the present circumstances of their lives that they will “love,honor and yes obey one another. Back to the tv commercial where on his laptop the husband showed his wife why he should be golfing and she shook her head no. If the man did not respect his wife enough to “obey” her no, there could have been major conflict. But because he chose to “obey” her, things were right in the house for another day and possibly night. Now while I am out here in this hot water, I don’t want the word obey to take on an onerous spin. It does not mean being a slave in any sense of the word. For me it simply means that I am willing to have my wife or husband say no to mean and I accept that without having it feel as if my adulthood has been challenged.

But again because we live in such a self-centered society(I almost said God-less society and in a sense it is because I think that we as a society have come to believe that because God is not literally looking over our shoulder that in the philosophy expoused by does that believe God is a absent caretaker,  and  is no longer concerned about what we do, how we do or if we do.)  that we have the right to live our lives on our terms. Anyhoo…lest I disgress too much, when we get married, we give up our individuality within the relationship. And again, that is my interpetation. And that takes a real grown up. Age has nothing to do with it. Education has nothing to do with it. And that has been proven most empirically by the fact that our great,great grandparents stayed together for ever! There was no sense of “me” and “my”. It was “us” all the way. Some might say that they did not have a choice. I think that first because God was the anchor of their lives, scripture was their “instructional manual”, and Faith was their partner,  that they could withstand the challenges that life brought their way.

Marriage is in Vulcan terms the “melding” of two minds,hearts, souls,and yes bodies  into one. Have you ever seen the couple that have been together so long that they look like one another? Marriage is a conscious decision to sacrifice the individual purpose for the couple purpose. Marriage is the sacrifice of one partner for the other. I have often said that Marriage will never be 50/50. It can’t be. One person will always be giving  more than the other. But that giving can never be “tit for tat”. There can be no counting of “I did this, you haven’t done that” or “Why do I have to do this all of the time”?  If it worked for our ancestors and they have been considered our way-makers in terms of societal norms, why can’t that prescription work now? Celebrity marriages that end in two weeks or 3 months; Marriages for show,position, and opportunity are doomed to fail because they have not met the first requirement: Love.

Are there any drawbacks to “marriage”? In my mind no. If the marriage is entered into with the best interest of each person at the forefront, the marriage can’t fail. If each partner esteems the one more than him or her self, there won’t be any times when the other does not know where the other is. There will be no times when one in the more intimate aspects of the marriage come away feeling less than fulfilled because the other partner is concerned enough to insure that the other person has gotten what they need from the encounter as well. There won’t be a need for “checking up” or “calling in”. There is total trust because each partner knows that first they are loved; Second that they are respected; Third that their partner is honorable as it relates to the marriage and thus Jealousy has no reason to rear its ugly head. Nor does envy or anything else that distracts from the “oneness” of the couple.
Anyhoo…That is my take on “marriage”. I am sure that it needs to be fleshed out some more but when I saw that commercial, it sparked the query.

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With over 100 million people in pain

in this country, there needs to be a better alternative than over-the-counter or prescription medications.

I want to introduce to some and present to others Real Time Pain Relief:

Real Time Pain Relief is a Homeopathic formula that has no harmful side effects andworks directly at the site, Real Time Pain Relief is known to be effective with pain from:

  • Arthritis
  • Simple Back Aches
  • Muscle Strains

Real Time Pain Relief (RTPR) works on three levels at the site of the pain!

Helps Relieves Pain…Our ingredients go to work directly at the site of your pain.  That means fast and targeted. No need for massive, body-wide doses of pain relievers soaking into every tissue in search of the one or two areas that need help.  Our unique blend of natural ingredients delivers relief where it’s needed, at the same time triggering the body’s own pain-relieving mechanisms.

Helps Reduces Inflammation…Tissues that are swollen with inflammation aren’t just tender; they’re oversized, making movement more difficult and painful.  RTPR Carries the best natural anti-inflammatory ingredients to where they’re needed most, helping to restore comfort with movement so you enjoy living again!  

Helps Revitalizes…With ingredients like MSM, Glucosamine, Chondroitin and more, customers and client will experience amazing results and means you are on your way to long-term, happy living!


Herbal, Nutritional and Homeopathic

Real Time Pain Relief is a unique formula that combines Herbal, Nutritional and Homeopathic ingredients to give your body soothing relief and help provide your body the necessary ingredients to heal itself.

Homeopathic – This means RTPR triggers your body’s natural pain relief mechanisms. It is the faster-acting part of the formula and is responsible for what many people experience as “instant relief”.

Herbal – Considered by many to be “the first medicine”, many herbs have been in use since Biblical times to ease pain and help may other conditions. In many cultures, herbal medicine is the only medicine.

Nutritional – RPTR sends nutritional support right where it’s needed, supporting you in the long run.

To order product:

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